Heli-Skiing in Canada

Heli-Skiing is a concept that most skiers have heard of before. Many are dreaming of it and many make the dream come true. There are however some recurring questions from the first-time heli-skier; how good as a skier do I need to be and how about the risk of avalanches? The answers are relatively simple. All skiers that can ski without problem in a ski resort, can manage this. CMH, world-leading heli-ski operator, has security as the highest priority in its program. With highly educated and very experienced mountain guides, all our skiing guests feel relaxed and safe.

70% returning guests

We have guests coming from all over the world; men, women and families. CMH has also kept the small-scaleness in the eleven areas that we ski in. Our lodges accommodate a maximum of 48 guests which makes a relaxed and undemanding atmosphere. The service always gets the highest mark from our guests. Each lodge has its own chef, pastry chef, professional massage therapists as well as pleasant young staff taking care of our guests during the stay. There is a reason why more than 70% of our guests keep returning.


CMH Ascension

The new CMH movie that was showcased during the heli-ski roadshow this autumn is now available to watch on our youtube channel. click here to watch the...

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CMH Nordic has during the spring 2012 designed and manufactured CMH branded clothes. To see the garments, prices, sizes and how to proceed with your order, please click here

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