CMH Heli-Skiing is the world’s most comprehensive and spectacular wilderness skiing experience. Our 11 distinct ski areas in the remote mountains of British Columbia cover 15,765 square kilometres: more than a third of the area of Switzerland! Vast expanses of endless champagne powder. Old growth forests with nicely spaced trees and snow untouched by wind and sun. No crowded lifts lines, no rutted slopes, no tinselly advertising – just incredible skiing.

Apart from our Signautre program that is the most common program CMH offers a number of other programs that you can read about below. We recommend our customers to book a 7-day trip. The reason for that is cause you travel a longer way than just to the alps and a couple of days would feel very short.


A regular 7-day Heli-Skiing trip with CMH described in a few words

Our guests fly to Calgary or Kelowna on a Friday, the day before the hell-ski program begins. Stay over night at Delta Calgary Airport Hotel or Sheraton Four Points Kelowna which is located across the road from the airport. The next morning which is a Saturday, CMH transfer departures early towards CMH lodges. When the guests arrive the guides and helicopter pilots go through a safety briefing with the guests. On Sunday the heli-skiing begins and goes on until noon on Saturday the following week. After morning skiing and lunch, the CMH transfer is ready for departure back to Calgary or Kelowna. Either the guests fly home late Saturday evening or they stay overnight at the same hotel as on arrival and fly home on Sunday.

This is regular and can of course be edited depending on your plans prior to the trip and after. In some lodges with shorter transportation, you ski already on Saturday on your arrival day, this instead of skiing in the morning on you last day. If you don’t have the time to travel a full week, we do offer 3-,4- and 5-days packages also. If you don’t want to spend too much you could go for a Combi week which means that the guests go to a ski resort for a few days and heli-skiing the rest.

Small Group

CMH’s Small Group programs are designed for several groups of five skiers plus one guide per group, sharing one or two Bell 407 helicopters. This leads to quick lifts and opportunities to ski the challenging lines. No group required – singles are welcome to join these group trips. Small group program is available in Adamants throughout the season and during certain weeks in Monashees and CMH K2.


Only CMH Heli-Skiing can offer private trips to both Selkirk and Monashees range and unspoiled terrain. Experience the freedom, exploration, fun, and the original spirit of heli-skiing with Nomads and Gothics Private programs. Nomads and Gothics Private travel in small private groups with two dedicated CMH guides. We have a maximum flexibility that allows us to find the best possible skiing based on current weather and avalanche conditions and daily information from local guide groups. The exclusive use of Nomads helicopter gives us complete freedom to accommodate your wishes.

Monashees & Revelstoke offers private groups of up to four guests that share the lodge with other CMH guests while skiing is independent with a guide and your own private Bell 407 helicopter.

Valemount offers groups of 1-10 skiers staying at CMH’s most intimate private lodge with private helicopter. This program is designed for small heli-ski groups who want to ski together. You will have a Bell 212 helicopter and two guides at your disposal that provide tremendous flexibility in determining the pace and choose how much skiing you want.

Gothics Private provides unlimited and private heli-skiing. Your base for the week is Gothics. You are skiing and exploring the Gothics, Monashees and Adamants terrain. Gothics Private travel is often given into the rarely visited and remote areas with fantastic skiing. We customize the program to your pace and ability. Gothics Private group travels by a private group of up to four skiers in a private Bell 407 and two dedicated CMH guides. Gothics Private program are available with your choice of limited or unlimited vertical skiing.

Nomads program is a private trip, your choice of limited or unlimited vertical skiing, lots of flexibility and complete luxury! Our base is Halcyon Hot Springs Village & Spa during your entire vacation. We ski in the mountain ranges Monashees, Selkirk and Purcell offering part of CMH’s best tree skiing terrain. Nomads program is available for groups of 6 to 10 riders with two senior guides in a Bell 212 helicopter.

Do you have other wishes and ideas for private group. Call Us!


This program is for skiers ready to make the transition to powder skiing. Groups of 10 skiers with 2 specially-trained guides allows for practical instruction and, if necessary, splitting the group according to ability. Powder 101: The Intro is offered throughout the season and one date has been set aside as a women’s-only Powder 101.


Our Family Trip is designed for families with 12-19-year old skiing kids. Children pay half of the normal price and are guaranteed half vertical metres from what full paying guests are, but can continue skiing beyond their guaranteed vertical feet at the normal rate. Because of the special prices for Family Trips, we’re not able to offer New Guest Credits or Group Organizer’s Commissions.

Parents with children under 19 have the responsibility to ski with their kids, if the kids get tired and want to go back to the lodge, staff at the lodge can help if the parents want to continue skiing.

Younger children who won’t be skiing are welcome but you’ll have to provide childcare (we offer a non-skier, ”nanny” rate which also applies to non-skiing kids).




CMH offers two freeride programs, ”Steep Shots and Pillow Drops” which has been shaped by the guides at CMH K2 and ”Freeride” by the guides at CMH Revelstoke.

The Steep Shots and Pillow Drops program is designed for advanced skiers who want to maximize their terrain, from steeps, to big open lines, to glades, with the ability to trampoline from one snow mushroom to the next. If you want to learn how to get the most dynamic and fun skiing out of each run, this is the program for you.

The Freeride program is designed for skiers who want to learn ski techniques that are needed to be able to ski more challenging and fun-filled terrain.

The trips are limited to 9 skiers/riders with 2 guides in CMH K2 and 10 skiers with 2 guides in Revelstoke. A Bell 212 helicopter will be shared with the other skiers/riders at CMH K2 and CMH Revelstoke.

You must be a strong, confident skier or rider – comfortable on double black diamond runs at resorts like Whistler and Jackson Hole and able to cope with tighter terrain (i.e. couloirs). Helmets are mandatory.

Please note: If you overrate your ability and/or fitness level we reserve the right to move you to a more appropriate group.

The Steeps

This program is for skiers and snowboarders looking for a challenge on seriously steep terrain. The trip runs in late April in the Cariboos, when snow conditions are most stable and days are longer, offering better access to challenging terrain. The trips are limited to 9 skiers/riders (which will be split into 2 groups), with 3 guides and a Bell 407 helicopter.

Seeking the most challenging terrain available on any given day, we offer expert coaching, finding lines that allow you to develop your skills without compromising your safety.

You must be a strong, confident skier or rider – comfortable on double black diamond runs at resorts like Whistler and Jackson Hole and able to cope with tighter terrain (i.e. couloirs). Please note: If you overrate your ability and/or fitness level we reserve the right to move you to a more appropriate group.


When a young Hans Gmoser first started taking guests into the mountains almost 50 years ago the thought of using a helicopter to get to the top never occurred to him. Hans believed you ‘earned your turns’ by rhythmically sliding climbing skin-clad touring skis up pristine slopes in winter.

Helicopter access to prime ski touring terrain eliminates the need for long valley slogs so you can concentrate on skiing. Ten touring guests will share the lodge with our Heli-Skiers. Each day touring guests and 2 guides catch the first helicopter flight of the day for an exhilarating downhill to start. After a full day of touring in the Columbias, fly back to all the amenities and camaraderie awaiting at the lodge.

You don’t need previous touring experience to join in, but you do need to be in good physical condition and have the same downhill skiing ability we require of our heli-skiers. In fact, Helicopter Assisted Ski Touring with CMH is a perfect introduction to the rewarding sport of ski touring. All of the reward of traditional ski touring, minus the tent, dehydrated food and heavy pack. Skiers will need clothing appropriate for ski touring. If you don’t have touring skis and boots we can arrange rentals in Banff.

If the idea of experiencing a different kind of mountain ski adventure appeals to you, come join us on a great week of ski touring, CMH style.