We recommend all guests to purchase a trip cancellation insurance and a travel insurance.


For Swedish citizens, we can offer the following insurances through ERV:


>Trip Cancellation Insurance

Note: This insurance covers up to 50.000 SEK. Check with your household insurance how much it covers. If paying by credit card, check with your credit card provider how much is covered. These insurances can complete eachother, which is why we would need to know which amount you wish to have covered by ERV. The insurance has to be signed and payed within two days after the deposit has been payed. It is possible to sign the insurance together with the final payment, then it will only cover your final payment.

Deposit and Final Payment of your Heli-Skiing trip are non-refundable. Trip Cancellation costs 6% of the amount to be covered. All money is refunded if you cancel your trip before the departure date and can prove the reason for cancellation.


>Extreme Travel Insurance

Can be purchased by persons registered in the Nordic countries and insured by a Nordic national insurance office. Extrem Travel Insurance gives you, among other things, coverage in case of illness, accident, flight or bagage delay. You can purchase this insurance even if you don’t have travel coverage in your household insurance.

Price: 450 SEK base rate day 1, thereafter 90 SEK/day.

To purchase an insurance, please contact us


For non-Swedish citizens, we can offer insurance through Uniglobe.


>Uniglobe brochure

>>Insurance form