Our experienced mountain guides and pilots will hold safety trainings upon arrival to teach our skiing guests how to handle situations that may appear in the wilderness. All skiing involves risks that can not be completely eliminated. To manage helicopter skiing in the province of British Columbia, it is required that ski guests complete a CMH Heli-Skiing waiver. For questions, contact us at CMH Nordic


  • Please select correct season when completing your e-waiver.
  • The form does not need to be printed when it is sent electronically. 
  • If you are having trouble filling out the e-waiver, please contact us and we can send a paper version.
  • This waiver is not valid for children under 19 years. 


  • Print the waiver which you find on the button above.
  • 2 legal guardians and 1 non family member must sign the waiver.
  • Mail the original waiver to: CMH NORDIC, Box 5896, 102 40 Stockholm, Sweden