Cariboo Lodge is the finest mountain lodge in the Cariboo Range. The Cariboo Mountains beg to be skied, offering both extensive alpine runs and phenomenal tree skiing. The numerous safe and obvious drop-offs and pickups for the helicopter offer our guests access to a wide range of runs. Consistently high levels of snowfall in the North Thompson Valley ensure the Cariboos enjoy prime Heli-Skiing conditions until very late in the season.

So massive and obvious is the ski potential in the Cariboos that if there had been no sawmill camp in the Bugaboos to serve as an ideal base for launching the operation, heli-skiing in Canada would likely have started in the Cariboos. Thus, when the demand for heli-skiing exceeded the capacity of the Bugaboos, it was an easy decision where to ski next. The Cariboos lodge was built in 1974.

For much of the timber used in the construction, they took trees from the building site and hauled them to a sawmill, where the logs were hewn into boards and beams. Then the wood was hauled back to the building site and used in the construction. The beautiful woodwork in the lodge is made of trees harvested from the very land where the lodge now sits.

Cariboos is a fly-in lodge, ie. you get transported first by bus from Kamloops to the helipad, where the helicopter picks you up for a 10-15min flight to the lodge.

  • mountain ranges: Cariboos
  • base elevation: 1100 m
  • skiing elevation: 1000m – 3000 m
  • skiing terrain: 1402.08 sq. km
  • capacity: 44 guests
  • bar-lounge
  • dining room
  • game room
  • ski shop
  • gym
  • massage
  • outdoor whirlpool and sauna
  • satellite internet connection
  • wi-fi

Hotel 540 is the starting point for your CMH adventure. Upon arrival to the hotel lobby, please check in at the CMH desk and connect with the CMH airport staff. In the morning, private coaches will depart for the Cariboo heli-pad. Transport will be accompanied by a CMH Coach Host. Every trip is catered with food and beverages. Departing guests will board the same coach for the return journey to Kamloops.