Galena is best known for ultra-deep powder and varied, challenging tree skiing. All our Galena skiing is done in the Badshot Range of the Selkirks, offering abundant snow and rugged beauty. The convoluted peaks that have become known as Galena are generally steep, rockier than the rest of the Columbias, heavily forested below treeline, and exposed and steep above treeline. Once skiers discovered the adventures waiting in Galena, the name became synonymous with technical skiing through old-growth forests in over-the-head powder. Three major valleys converge close to the lodge, providing access to skiable areas in most types of weather. The lodge’s modular architecture is trimmed in logs and painted an earth brown. Comfortable bedrooms at the ground level attach to a three-storey living area and kitchen. The lodge is newly renovated. Galena is a fly-in lodge, ie. you get transported first by bus from Calgary to the helipad, where the helicopter picks you up for a 10-15min flight to the lodge.

  • mountain ranges: Selkirks
  • base elevation: 1050 m
  • skiing elevation: 1000m – 3100 m
  • skiing terrain: 1167.43 sq. km
  • capacity: 44 guests
  • bar-lounge
  • dining room
  • game room
  • ski shop
  • gym
  • massage
  • whirlpool and sauna
  • satellite internet connection
  • wi-fi

Flights to Kelowna day before your heliskiresa begins with an overnight stay at the Four Points Sheraton where CMH staff will meet you upon arrival. The next morning, leaving private bus from FPS to Galena heli-pad where you will be picked up by the helicopter to be flown in to the lodge last bit. The trip catered with food and drink. The same transport at the journey home, arriving in Kelowna.