Just arrived from Canada and a fabulous Heli-Ski week together with first time Heli-skiers from Sweden. We had a week with lots of sunshine and clear blue sky, allowing our 212 pilot to land up high (nearby 3.000 m.a.s). Consequently getting to ski high alpine runs partly on glaciers all the way down to lower tree pick-ups. I mean what I say, it feels like being in paradise. Our new timers seemed to have agreed to this by watching their big smiles.

The mountain range around Bugaboos, not take away any credit for the remaining 14.500 sqkm of terrain that CMH uses exclusively for Heli-Skiing in the winter, is probably one of the most beautiful in the world. It is impossible to describe the scenery in words. It has to be seen in life or at least from photos.

Tonight I will get together with my little brother Ulf, photographer and skier, who took around 1000 pictures from our Bugaboos week. I will share a few of the most stunning sceneries with you shortly

Jan Hinds in Bugaboos 2010

Jan Hinds in Bugaboos 2010

I have to tell the story about my brother Ulf and the new Heli-skier guest, Mats. They pioneered to ski from the very top to the very bottom of the run “Dirty Harry”. Well, the last part in the trees was not skiing, more trying to get through the dense trees down towards the valley. But, despite that fact, they did it and had to walk back to the lodge. I awarded both of them the golden CMH pin at the farewell dinner in the lodge which they really earned. Should they have listened to our mountain guide, they would have ended up right at the helicopter pick up and flown back to the lodge, but then, no award!

Trying my new Peak Performance Heli-ski outfit was a hit. Real soft & smooth and covering from the snow. I will stay with it.


Ps. Bugaboos was the first Heli-Ski lodge ever built in the word. It is here it all begun. Ds.

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