CMH Guest Questionnaire

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Flight details are required even when you are arranging your own transportation to the lodge.

Flight arrival to Calgary or Kewlona

You will need to arrive, at the least, the day before your program begins.

DATE (yyyy-mm-dd)

TIME (Ex. 14.55)

FLIGHT # (Ex. AC845)




Flight departure from Calgary or Kewlona

On the final day of your trip you will be dropped off at the airport*

DATE (yyyy-mm-dd)

TIME (Ex. 18.25)

FLIGHT # (Ex. AC850)



*Return flights need to be booked at least 2 hours after the scheduled arrival time, preferably later or the following day depending which area you are coming from. Arrival to the airport could be delayed due to bad weather conditions and unforeseen traffic incidents. CMH and CMH Nordic will not be responsible for any costs in the case of missed flights. We recommend that you choose flights that can be rebooked and/or insurance that will help cover the costs of missed flights.


Scheduled drop off to Calgary International Airport:
Bobbie Burns: 14:30 (MST)
Bugaboos: 15:45 (MST)
Valemount: 11:30 (MST)

Scheduled drop off to Kelowna International Airport:
Adamants: 15:00 (PST)
Cariboos: 19:30 (PST)
Galena: 19:15 (PST)
Gothics: 10:30 (PST)
Gothics Private: 10:30 (PST)
Monashees: 16:45 (PST)
Nomads: 09:15 (PST)
Revelstoke: 12:30 (PST)
Revelstoke Private: 09:00 (PST)

CMH Kootenay: Transportation is not included. Departure flight should be booked to the day after the trip ends.

The eTA visa is required for entry into Canada:
If you will be flying through the USA you are also required to have a valid ESTA visa:


We can reserve a room at the Marriott Calgary Airport In-Terminal Hotel for both your arrival and departure to/from Calgary. Or the Four Points by Sheraton Kelowna Airport for arrival and departure to/from Kelowna.

For Calgary or Kelowna

Please reserve a room for me at Marriot or Shearaton at arrival*

Room type

Sharing with


Please reserve a room for me at Marriot or Shearaton at departure*

Room type

Sharing with


If you do not need a room booked for you at the Marriott or Sheraton, we will still need to know where you are staying prior to as well as after your program.

CMH Lodge

What kind of room type would you like at the lodge?

Room type

Sharing with


*Hotel charges must be paid directly at the hotel. CMH special room rates at Marriott Calgary Airport In-Terminal Hotel, CAD: Single: 226.81 /Double: 258.94 breakfast and taxes included. Four Points by Sheraton Kelowna Airport, CAD: Single: 161 + taxes /Double: 181 + taxes breakfast included. Cancellations must be made 24 hours (Marriott) and 48 hours (Sheraton) prior to check-in date; cancellations made within 24 or 48 hours and ‘no shows’ will be subject to cost.



Transfer to/from CMH area

The transfer to/from the CMH area, that is included in your trip, departs from Marriot or Sheraton on the start date of your trip, and leaves the lodge on the final day of your trip.

No transfer to/from Kootenay

For guests at Kootenay: If you're not driving yourself, would you like a quote for a private transfer?

Pre-heli trip transfer

You may be doing a pre-heli trip and might want us to book you a private transfer.
I would like a quote for a private transfer

Early departure

If you need to leave the lodge earlier than the included transfer, you have the option of booking an early transfer with estimated arrival to Kelowna.

You have the option of booking an early departure from following CMH areas

Adamants (CAD 250 + tax / person): Arrival to Kelowna at 11.30 (PST)
Cariboos (CAD 250 + tax / person): Arrival to Kelowna at 13.00 (PST)
Galena (CAD 250 + tax / person): Arrival to Kelowna at 12.15 (PST)
Monashees (CAD 250 + tax / person): Arrival to Kelowna at 10.30 (PST)
Revelstoke (CAD 80 + tax / person): Arrival to Kelowna at 08.30 (PST)


Do you have any special dietary requirements, allergies, or medical conditions? Do you carry an Epipen for your allergy?



Name & relation to you

Phone number

Please choose someone who is not traveling with you


Insurance is not included by CMH for your trip. Please give us the details of your insurance company below.

Insurance company

Phone number


If you do not already have insurance that covers cancellation, interruption, or any other incidents that may occur during the trip, we recommend that you purchase an extra insurance. Companies specialized in travel insurance; ERV, Uniglobe Specialty Travel, Arch Insurance’s Roam Right and AIG’s Travel Guard program
Please note: Cancellation insurance needs to be purchased within 48 hours after final payment has been made.


I have skied with CMH in the past and have referred a new guest to CMH for the 2022/23 season

Name of guest

I am a new guest and have been referred to CMH by someone who has previously skied with CMH

Name of your referrer


Balloon packs are not mandatory but are available for rental*

I would like to rent an Avalanche Floatation Device

You also have the option of bringing your own Avalanche Floatation Device.
Please remember that personal packs must be approved for use upon arrival to the lodge

I will bring my own AFD pack

I would like to rent a cylinder

*Check our page for information about AFD:


It is your responsibility to ensure that you bring proper ski or snowboard boots on your heli-skiing adventure. Ski boots that are compatible with DIN standard downhill bindings will work with the bindings CMH has. If you have alpine touring boots that are marked with ”ISO 9523” they are certified compatible with the Atomic Warden binding that CMH uses. Many touring boots will still work with the binding even if they are not certified compatible; please feel free to contact us to check.

Remember to pack your boots as a carry-on item for your flight!

If you would like to request a specific pair of skis or a snowboard, please see our available equipment via the following link:

It may be that you will be unable to ski should you bring non-compatible boots on your trip. CMH may refuse at its sole discretion to provide skis to a guest with inappropriate boots, and CMH shall have no obligation to indemnify the guest as a result.

*If you have missed to fill in any mandatory field, this form will let you correct this before you resend it

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