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Adamants takes its name from the diamond-hard surrounding mountain peaks in the northern Selkirks. The lodge, inaugurated in 1990, is located where three mountain valleys meet, in the heart of the surrounding mountains, which are among the most hilly in North America. The Selkirk mountain range is known for long glaciers, deep valleys and steep hilly terrain. The area offers classic forest skiing and open high alpine glacier terrain.

Adamants is a "fly-in" lodge. After transportation by bus from Kelowna to Adamant's helipad, you fly to the lodge by helicopter the last leg. Adamants offers the Small Group program throughout the season. 8 groups of 4 skiers sharing two A-star B3 helicopters.

  • Mountain range: Selkirks
  • The lodge is located at 955 m
  • Drop altitudes: 900m – 3100 m
  • Skiing terrain: 1073 km²