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Bugaboos is the mecca of heli-skiing. This is where it was started in 1965 by CMH founder Hans Gmoser.

The mountain scenery in Bugaboos is by far one of the Columbia Mountains' most beautiful and spectacular with its magnificent granite spiers. Here you can find skiing of all levels of difficulty, both high alpine and in the forest. However, Bugaboos is characterized as the area you go to if you want to enjoy a slower pace of skiing.

4 groups of 11 skiers share a Bell 212 helicopter. The Bugaboo lodge retains its classic alpine character while adapting to modern needs.

Bugaboos is a "fly-in" lodge. After transportation by bus from Calgary, you fly to the lodge by helicopter the last leg.

  • Mountain range: Purcells
  • The lodge is located at 1490 m
  • Drop heights: 945m – 3050 m
  • Skiing terrai: 1017 km²