The dreams of a young Austrian in wild Canadian high country

Early in the 1950’s, a young Austrian, Hans Gmoser, immigrated to Canada with very little money and big dreams of living in the mountains. Inspired by his dream and his years of backcountry experience as a guide, Hans formed a small company in 1959, named Canadian Mountain Holidays (CMH). Over the next several years, his business prospered as he led thousands of skiers and climbers on thrilling mountain tours.

The birth of Heli-Skiing

In April 1965, Hans Gmoser was intrigued by an idea that, although fanciful, seemed practical – an idea that had never been tried by any resort in the world. Hans began using helicopters to transport enthusiastic skiers high into the thin air of the otherwise-inaccessible Bugaboo Mountains in the Rockies. Heli-Skiing, as it became known, was born and became an instant success in this remote area. CMH soon began providing new mountain adventures to hundreds of skiers each year, and also began building comfortable mountain lodges to accommodate them.

The largest Heli-Skiing company in the world

From the dream of a young Austrian immigrant, through modest beginnings as a struggling mountain guiding business, Canadian Mountain Holidays has evolved into the world’s largest heli-skiing company.